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PowrCast 2015

Open Energy Planning Workshop

The Colonnade Center
264 Catoosa Circle Ringgold, GA 30736

Wednesday June 24th "Meet & Greet" 7:00 pm
Thursday, June 25
th 8:30 am 6:00 pm
Friday, June 26
th 8:30 am 12:00pm
July 1
st to July 31st Online Collaboration

This is a hands-on workshop where participants can gain expertise in energy planning studies and insights
 into the inter-relationships of various resource options using a live model of a realistic power grid.

A major objective of PowrCast 2015 is to demonstrate the methodology of evaluating energy resources and technologies, both central plant and demand side, in a common model framework representing both energy costs and environmental impacts quantifying the impacts on various stakeholders. A synthetic, but realistic regional power grid was chosen for PowrCast so that the focus can be on the interactions between the resource options and not identified projects. Experts with all energy and demand side options are encouraged to participate and help establish "best practices" for the evaluation of options in their area of expertise.

An important difference between the PowrCast study and the usual electric utility studies is that PowrCast will attempt to quantify the total societal costs of each alternative, not just the electric rate impacts. The total societal costs include environmental impacts and health impacts which are often disproportionately borne by segments of population not directly benefiting from the energy production. We encourage participation by parties with interest in the societal impacts.

The end result of the workshop will be a collaborative report detailing methods and data used in the workshop and comparative results for the various options for this synthetic regional power grid. While all regions are unique and the results of this workshop will not directly apply to any particular region, the data on resource options and the study methods will be widely applicable.

An objective of the workshop will be to evaluate increasing levels of rooftop solar, community solar, and utility scale solar on the regional power grid. Some of the important issues to be addressed are:

  • How much solar can be integrated into the grid in grid-connect mode before operations problems arise?

  • How do the cost impacts of net metering compare to the emission benefits?

  • Compare cost/benefits to both the grid and solar homeowners of adding storage and going off-grid versus net metering.

  • Consider direct driven solar heat pumps without grid connections, with and without added thermal mass.

  • Consider off-grid solar homes with natural gas backup generators and heat recovery (CHP)

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