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Joyce Thompson Jones

Phone: 423-624-7973

Despite having a keen interest in art, Joyce chose a degree and career in science and worked as a microbiologist after college.  Later, however, while married and living in Japan, she began studying oil painting under a notable Tokyo artist, Nakamura-san, her sensei/teacher, who introduced her to the paintings of the “Old Masters”.  It was then that Joyce realized she was “hooked” on art!


Throughout the years Joyce has continued studying painting whenever time allowed and has shown her works in many juried exhibits:  Knoxville Museum’s “Artscapes”, Memorial Hospital’s “Gala,” the Booth’s Museum’s Downtown Gallery, as well as at Siskin’s Rehab Center, Blue Ridge Mountain Art’s gallery and other regional galleries and churches.


Now gleefully retired, Joyce is a member of several art groups, enjoys painting still life’s and en plain air painting with friends.  One of her highlights was to have traveled to Giverny, France with friends for a week’s painting in Monet’s garden!