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Karen Martin




(214) 394-5775

Karen became an artist to express the vision in her heart.  She was born with an old soul, an artistic eye, and a love of anything with a past.  She surrounds herself with antiquities that inspire the vintage vibe in her art.


She has always been drawn to the look of ladies from previous eras with their beauty and grace.  Her art reimagines these classic ladies with a playful and modern edge.  She paints with joy and enthusiasm, using acrylics and often ads vintage treasures to enhance the otherworldly look of days gone by.


Karen’s work is for all the ladies who had a solid presence in her life and left her with a lasting impression.  Her art is created with a wink and a nod for all the women she has known and adored: her mother, grandmothers, aunts, and especially her best friend, Leona.