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Nancy Hatch Woodward




After a lifetime of using words to communicate with the world as a poet, professional writer, and communications specialist, I decided to try communicating with a paintbrush instead. What fun!  A little drawing, a little painting, some collage and mixed media, and a lot of creative ideas!

Communicating is part of my being and to be able to use color, images and different media to explore new techniques for sharing my visions and ideas has been inspiring for me.


To me, creating is about the process.  It starts with the conversation I have with the piece I am working on; and if that is successful, the work then, I hope, opens up a conversation with my viewers.  One of my favorite artists is Mark Bradford, who creates multi-layered work that encourages the viewer to go in, come out, go in deeper, and contemplate a

myriad of ideas. 

I started off as a representational painter and have since moved into more abstract work. Taking cues from my creative writing, especially poetry, has opened up my painting perspective and challenged me to try things I might normally have shied away from.

I spent five years studying with Carly Hardy and have also taken a number workshops over the years with Jan Hart, Moe Mitchell, Beth Bradford, Karen Margulis, Ann Marie Dalis, Suzanne Clements, and Candy Day.