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Tiffany Nation




Tiffany Nation is a largely self-taught artist, although after high school she received an art scholarship to Chattanooga State Technical College in Chattanooga where she fine-tuned her already considerable skills, and winning a merit award for a self-portrait she did as part of her studies.


Tiffany works in multiple mediums, including pen & ink, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, and most recently encaustics. She often incorporates print material in her multi-media pieces seeking to convey a message or evoke emotion in the viewer and open a discussion on painting or drawing.


Tiffany was recently chosen to showcase her encaustic piece “God’s Expanse” in the Association for Visual Arts gallery in Chattanooga during its Fresh Emerging Artists Exhibit. Her work has been featured in local galleries and online

galleries, as well.


Tiffany’s true loves are her son and her dog. She and her canine family member love to do pet therapy for Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga once a month. She enjoys getting out of her studio to appreciate nature, as well. She is an avid hiker, loves roller blading and white-water rafting. She is also a published author with several works in the Library of Congress. She is the WebMaster for the

Civic Arts League, LLC of Chattanooga.


Tiffany says, “I’m always eager to experiment with new ideas, and I learn so much from my association with other talented artists in our community, and the classes I continue to take whenever time permits.”